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MacDon M2 Series Windrowers and D2 Series Windrower Drapers

Product Release Date: September 2023

M2 Series Windrowers.
More Power. More Intuitive.

MacDon Windrowers have set a standard that's hard to beat for innovation, performance, and speed. The M2 Series Windrowers top this by adding more power and a refined, intuitive operator experience to your next harvest. It starts with two new stage 5 Cummins turbo diesel engine options, delivering more power, improved efficiency, and easier maintenance. Next, MacDon's HarvestTouch™ Display provides simple control with an intuitive touchscreen interface to keep you productive all day. Plus, all the usual goodies that make MacDon Windrowers a cut above, like Dual Direction Steering, 360 Degree Night Vision, CrossFlex™ Suspension, and more. Get more all harvest long with MacDon M2 Windrowers.

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D2 Series Windrower Draper Headers.
More Capacity, Durability, and Speed.

MacDon's most advanced windrowing platform, the D2, helps you get more from your harvesting window. MacDon D2 Series Windrower Draper Headers feature super-sized capacity thanks to the ultra-deep 50-inch (127cm) deep draper deck. MacDon's all-new super-structured five-sided back tube frame design supports this tremendous capacity. At the front, loading those massive drapers up, is MacDon's ClearCut™ High-Speed Cutting System. Get more from your harvest with MacDon D2 Series Windreower Draper Headers.

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