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MacDon completes the set of its 5 Series Windrowers with the release of the M155 and M105.


When MacDon’s latest top-of-the-line windrower – the M205 – was released last year it immediately won accolades for the many advances it brought to self-propelled windrowing. Everyone loved it for the increased power (particularly for producers running rotary discs), comfort and control it brought to the harvesting operation.

Now MacDon has completed the 5 Series with the release of its M105 and M155 windrowers. Both feature most of the same advances found on the M205, but they are better suited to the harvesting requirements of producers who mainly use draper and auger headers.

For example, the M155 is nearly a carbon copy of the M205 in almost every detail. It too comes with a power upgrade over its predecessor, the M150, in the form of a high powered and fuel efficient 148 HP (110 kW) tier 3 Cummins engine capable of being boosted to 156 HP (116 kW). It too comes with MacDon’s award winning Dual Direction® technology which permits the operator to rotate the driver’s seat 180˚ for faster and more stable highway travel (up to 23 MPH/37 km/h). It too features the wide wheel stance and exceptional crop clearance of the M205, giving operators a full 45.7" (1160 mm) of under frame clearance when harvesting extra bushy crops such as canola.

“This is a windrower designed for producers requiring a full featured machine capable of running draper headers up to 40' (12.2 m) or a 13' (4 m) rotary disc header for hay harvesting,” said MacDon Product Manager Richard Kirkby. “It’s also ideal for custom cutters who find themselves doing a lot of roading.”

“One of the things that operators will really enjoy is our new Ultra Glide™ suspension system which delivers custom tuned shock absorption to all four corners of the cab. People who’ve ridden in it say that the ride is smooth and incredibly comfortable.”

For producers with more straight-ahead windrowing needs the M105 (110 HP/81 kW tier 3 Cummins, boostable to 115 HP/86 kW) delivers a robust and capable platform, just with not as many features as the M155 and M205.

“The M105 was created to meet the unique needs of draper and auger markets around the world,” says Kirkby. “Producers still get a state-of-the-art machine without having to purchase features they don’t need in their daily operations.”

Kirkby says that the M105 is perfect for farmers looking to run drapers up to 35' (10.7 m) or harvest hay with one of MacDon A Series Auger Headers. It shares exactly the same cab as the M155 and M205, except for the absence of MacDon’s Dual Direction® technology and in cab control of knife speed and header flotation (these can still be adjusted manually).

“Operators still get to enjoy MacDon’s roomy and climate controlled cab complete with curved windows, an adjustable air-ride seat and finger tip control of header functions. They also benefit from the same time saving features seen on the M155 and M205 such as a movable rail platform that provides easy access to the engine and cooling system cores.”

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