Tracy & Jim Zeorian

The last time we visited with custom combiners Tracy and Jim Zeorian, they were new additions to the MacDon family, having purchased their first MacDon product only two years previous (Wheatfield Nomads, Performance Magazine, Fall 2013). At the time, the veteran custom combiners were one of the dwindling number of single combine operations working North America’s wheat harvest, and among the last on the harvest run to switch to MacDon FlexDrapers.

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Kasparas Mulevičius faces less-than-ideal conditions with his harvests, but MacDon helps him get more with every acre.


Dial in to GET MORE! You can build the most advanced machine in the world, but if it isn't set up right, you're not going to see results. If you have an FD2 FlexDraper® header it's critical your machine is set up to get the most from your fields. (Please keep in mind, the settings you choose will vary depending on your specific landscape and crop conditions.) If you need help getting your header set up, be sure to contact your local MacDon Dealer.


Buck Boyer and his crew farm the Palouse, a beautifully scenic part of America with extreme slope to the land, Buck is convinced they couldn't do it without their FlexDrapers.

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