Here Comes the Sun!

Introducing MacDon's NEW Sunflower Attachment for D2 & FD2 FlexDraper® models.

Owning a FlexDraper® just got a whole lot sunnier!

Convert any FD2 or D2 Series models into a sunflower harvesting machine at a fraction of the cost with MacDon's new Sunflower Attachment performance option.

  • The Sunflower Attachment provides even more multi-crop performance from a MacDon draper header.
  • Unique lean bar design does not require any modifications to the header; just install it and go.
  • Quick removal of pans will save time when switching from one crop type to another.
  • A factory fit that works seamlessly with your MacDon draper header.
  • Cut wider passes in sunflower fields; this kit fits 9.1 m – 15.2 m (30' – 50') D2 and FD2 models.
  • The Sunflower Attachment is row independent, providing the freedom to harvest in any direction.

For more information visit your local MacDon Dealer!

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